lunedì 15 febbraio 2010

Hello world

This blog is supposed to be my notepad about Economics. I'm not an economist and so you shouldn't expect this to be a professional blog. Besides, even if I were an economist, I couldn't write anything that could be used to pass an exam, because I'm mostly interested in Austrian Economics.

I'm going to link blog posts, newspaper articles and academic papers I like, and occasionally write a comment. I'm mostly interested in macroeconomic issues and so most of the posts will be related to the financial crisis and other not-so-funny topics.

Comments are free (although this blog will be so boring that I don't expect any), but I'm not interested in flames, and easily bored by prolixity: I prefer suggestions and analyses on the economics literature. That's also the reason I'm not going to post what I don't like: I prefer to be constructive.

Probably the greatest problem with Austrian Economics today is that it is the most famous economic theory on the blogosphere, which is not something to be proud of, considering the low average quality of web discussions. I'm interested in the wheat and not in the chaff, and I hope to be able to distinguish them.

I created this blog because I often comment on other blogs, but as I most often write when I have a doubt or when I disagree, I fear to appear overly critical. Besides, not to write too much I often write too manicheist comments. I hope blog posts will improve upon my comments.

I hope this blog will be more original than the title of my first post.

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  1. I forgot: I'm libertarian, agnostic and I like t-bone steaks, but I have no intention to talk about anarchism, religion and food in this blog. I will only care about facts and theories.